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Why Play and Purpose?

Play and Purpose is a private, therapist-owned company, supporting children and teens in the greater Phoenix area. Research supports the idea that children tend to perform better in their own natural environments. We provide 1:1, individualized treatment in a comfortable and convenient manner in home, school, and community locations. 

How Can We Help?

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OT For Children

Occupational therapy with children draws on the most important part of their daily life and occupation -- PLAY.

Play with a purpose is how children learn developmental milestones including...

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OT For Adolescents

The absolute best thing about OT is that it can be catered towards any age, any goal, and any need. Occupational Therapy treatment for adolescents and adults will look very different from the approach used with little kids.

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DIR Floortime

DIR is an acronym for Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship based. According to the International Council of Development and Learning (ICDL), it is an approach, pioneered by...

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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is a dedicated service focused on enhancing the communicative abilities of individuals with speech and language impediments. Through a unique and engaging approach...

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School Contracts

School Contracts are comprehensive, encompassing both Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and are designed to provide integrated therapeutic support within school systems.

Play and Purpose


Hi, I'm Samantha! I am an occupational therapist, DIR Floortime provider, and the owner/founder of Play and Purpose.  After spending many years feeling restricted by working for corporate-style healthcare, I decided to leave and do this a better way. We are proud to provide a ND-affirming, child-led, strengths-based approach to all treatments. 
It is an honor to be welcomed into your homes and to have your trust placed in us to help your babies. If we have not met you yet, we can't wait to get started!