Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for children

Play and Purpose Speech Therapy is a dedicated service focused on enhancing the communicative abilities of individuals with speech and language impediments. Through a unique and engaging approach that incorporates play-based techniques, the service creates a supportive and enjoyable environment conducive to learning. This method is particularly effective because it mirrors natural language acquisition strategies, allowing clients to feel at ease as they tackle the challenges associated with speech and language disorders.



The therapy provided by Play and Purpose is highly customizable, catering to a diverse range of clients from different age groups and with varying degrees of speech and language difficulties. The service specializes in addressing a multitude of disorders, from articulation issues to language delays, and provides strategies for overcoming communication barriers. By integrating purposeful play, therapists are able to construct a learning experience that is not only therapeutic but also enriching and motivating for the clients. This playful yet structured approach encourages clients to practice new skills within the therapy sessions and beyond, into their everyday lives. As a result, individuals who engage with Play and Purpose Speech Therapy are equipped with the tools and confidence needed to progress in their communication journey, fostering greater independence and social integration.