About Us

Play and Purpose was created out of a need and passion for providing Occupational Therapy services without limits for children with developmental disabilities. There is significant research available that shows clients perform better in their own, natural environment. We provide one on one, individualized treatment sessions in a comfortable and convenient manner at home, school, or community. We are a small, therapist-owned company, which allows us to provide the best care possible to each and every child we see.

Our Core Values


We believe every human, regardless of diagnosis, deserves to be met wherever they are and given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in life.

services provided

Direct Treatment

→DIR Floortime technique

→Handwriting evaluation and treatment

→Gross and fine motor skills

→Emotional regulation & coping skills

→Play/social skills

→Cognitive/executive functioning skills

→Sensory integration

→Self-care and life skills training

→Speech and Language Therapy

             →Expressive and Receptive language skills





→Primitive reflex integration

Indirect Services

→Sensory Consultations & Recommendations (Virtual)

              →may include letters of recommended equipment or sensory room design ideas

→School observations/consultations

→Teacher/staff training

→Remote supervision

→School contracts

→Home programs







Conditions Treated

→Autism Spectrum Disorder

→Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities

→Cerebral Palsy


→Developmental Delay

→Sensory Processing Disorder

→Brain/spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions

→Cognitive delay/intellectual disabilities

→Childhood anxiety/emotional disabilities