Occupational Therapy For Children

Occupational Therapy for children

Occupational therapy with children draws on the most important part of their daily life and occupation -- PLAY.

Play with a purpose is how children learn developmental milestones including grip that leads to holding a spoon or handwriting, social interactions that teach participation in groups and relationships, hand-eye coordination to participate in dressing tasks, and attention to participate in school activities.


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Occupational therapy is also able to assist with specialized equipment that may help improve participation in any of the above, which may include evaluation for wheelchairs, splints, dressing or bathing equipment, aids for communication, etc.

The most important part of occupational therapy is that it looks at each case as an individual. Needs are different for each child, including their interests, abilities, and goals. Treating in the home allows OT to work hands on with specific challenges and goals in real time, within a natural environment, alongside family members for increased comfort and carryover.