Occupational Therapy For Adolescents

Occupational therapy for Adolescents & Adults

The absolute best thing about OT is that it can be catered towards any age, any goal, and any need. Occupational Therapy treatment for adolescents and adults will look very different from the approach used with little kids.

At this stage of life, the main goals shift to higher level independence with life skills, learning appropriate adaptations, transitioning to the community, workforce, or college. It may also be appropriate to work on higher-level cognitive tasks, money management, cooking, and relationship-building.


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Occupational Therapy first and foremost always draws on the interest and motivation of the client. As expected, if a person is not motivated to complete or learn a task, the treatments will be ineffective. We pull from the client's strengths and meet them where they are. We provide opportunities for trial and error as well as modifying an activity as needed to allow you to perform it at your highest level of independence.

Other common goals addressed at this stage of development include general strengthening, endurance building, higher level social skills, skills needed for independent living, transition to work/higher education, or discovering/learning a new hobby.